The Personal Side of Bombshell Salon

  1. How long have you been here?  I opened the salon July 1,2013.  Best decision I ever agreed to.
  2.  Bombshell is different, where did the name come from?  Great question! Well, my step-daughter was originally part of the salon and we needed to come up with a name we both liked and would fit both our personalities. I was 50, a little traditional and a bit conservative but wanted something catchy, up to date, trying to get out of my box.  She was 25 at the time, pretty fresh in the business and wanted something trendy and edgy. I had originally thought about Bombshell but liked something else. Her suggestion was “The Chop Shop.” Mmmmm, nope! In my years of the business, “Chop Shop” was synonymous with “bad haircut.”   My suggestion, I thought was perfect, cute even! “Snip!” She laughed, and said, “No way!’ Why? She said it sounded like a vasectomy place. Welllll, she was right, after I thought about it. Then I dropped the bomb, ha ha! How about Bombshell Salon? She thought about it for a mere second and she said she like it.
  3. So what does Bombshell represent?  I absolutely love the 40’s era. We were at war,  defending our country and helping allies defeat Hilter. The time was full of patriotism, hard working women and dedicated fighting American men. The one thing those boys looked forward to, was seeing their wives and girlfriends again. American bombers proudly named and displayed their “pin-up girls” on the nose of their bombers; Memphis Belle, Yellow Rose, Honey Bunny and Bommin’  Betty, just to name a few. Vargas girls!  A very classy patriotic, not trashy time in our history. Pin up girls were all the rage. Then they made a come back, still classy but a bit more edgy, “girl power!” So, this was the perfect representation of classy, traditional, trendy, edgy, empowering symbol for us. “Bombshell Salon, the place where Bombshells are made!”
  4. I love the décor, how did you decide on it? The colors in my salon are peanut butter, barn red, black, accent pattern zebra and brick.  I wanted strong colors for empowering, warmth, comfort, cozy,  inviting for both women and men, not too foo foo! Zebra pattern accent because no two zebras are the same and that’s how I want our customers to feel and to leave, “no two alike,” individuals, special, unique in their own beauty.
  5. Everybody is so friendly, fun and accommodating; offering beverages, etc. very personal! Somewhat of a rarity in today’s big box businesses, what’s your secret? Interesting observation, yes, I do have a business model, first a little history as how I arrived here.  I had been a stylist for 34 years and this was my first time as a salon owner, I have worked for my share of salon owners, some good, some not so good, but every one of them very educational. I filed all the traits and ideas I liked and didn’t like. I had a salon owner who knew his limitations and when he saw an opportunity he took it. A very humble and confident, and very generous with his knowledge and experience as an owner. Another owner was a sink or swim owner, was more interested in building herself instead of the business as a whole. Another owner who never took the time to find out one’s assets, only their liabilities.  I probably learned the most from my last two owners, one was very hands on, business to the letter, well educated in business and hair, I was young at the time and didn’t appreciate all she taught me until I became self-employed, there were salon rules and plenty of them. With that being said, she was probably my most influential owner. My last owner was a “hands off” owner, she was coming to the end of her career and relied on her “girls” to pull their own weight, the finishing touch to my life long education. Okay! Back to the original topic, my business model, along with my experiences, was/is “Cheers,” the place where everybody knows your name. I treat my girls the way I wish my owners would have treated me. I tell my girls, I’m just the one who put her name on the lease and got to decorate.  Happy girls, happy clients, happy salon owner, happy salon!