The “Buzz”

The “BUZZ” at Bombshell Salon

Styling Lessons


 Is this you in the morning? You’re either frizzy and dry or flat and fly away AND

When all else FAILS, put it in a ponytail or ball cap!


These both have their time and place and are convenient but

They should NOT be the “norm” and more of the “exception.”

Does frustration set in the first morning after a visit to your stylist?

They make it look SOOOO easy.

Getting her hair blow-dried by a professional

Do you wish you had an extra hand?     or two?


Starting March Bombshell Salon will be offering “Styling Lessons.”

Bring your tools (blow dryer, irons, brushes) and styling products and

we will instruct you how to achieve your style.

1 hour will be allotted for instruction, more if scheduled.

We will be happy to shampoo and condition if desired.

$35 for 1 hour    $18 for every 1/2 hour after.

N31UIdkr8UEl                 LFW SS2013: Mark Fast Front Row

                                                  Go from this……                                                                       to this!

                                                         CALL for your appointment today! 970-669-9600

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