ENJOY! The New Hair Care Line At Bombshell Salon!


We are soooo excited about our new hair care line!

Can I tell you a short story?

Wellllll, Erin, our Enjoy Rep. came into the salon on a Friday afternoon, we all greeted her and asked if we could help her. She asked if we would be interested in “FREE” products? Ahhhhh! Yes! Then she left, didn’t tell us anything about the product, who she was, when she would be back. I thought, somebody’s trying to launch a new line. So I do what I always do, I put it in the back. Hi! I’m Ms. Skeptical, nice to meet you! And there they sat, for 3 weeks. As I was cleaning one weekend, I thought to myself, I better put these out for everybody to try, BECAUSE I KNOW she will be back and will ask us how we liked them and I would have to disappoint her and tell her we’re not interested. Besides, I have my favorite products and that’s what I sell. I threw the empty box away, which I found out later had her card in it. Sooooo, everybody started using them, except me, Ms. Skeptical.  Everybody was raving about them! Then asked if we could have her come and do a product knowledge class. Remember the card in the box I threw away? I had to call the Corporate Store in Southern California and they passed the message on to her. Well, she came and did the class and guess what? We bought the whole line! The products are amazing! they are EXACTLY what they say they are. This coming from Ms. Skeptical. I’m of the mind set, the product has to sell itself because I do not and will not sell products I don’t believe in.  Which in turn makes our job so much easier and less pressure on them to sell and you to buy. It has to sell itself and it does. Don’t take my word, come in and see for yourself.

Enjoy Hair 2