The Stylist of Bombshell

Bobbi Volkmer

Owner / Stylist / Nail Tech / Skin Care

Hi! I’m Bobbi and I am a fully licensed cosmetologist, which means I do all services and enjoy all avenues of my profession. I moved to Loveland in 1981 from Minnesota and have been here since. I relish creating new styles and color for my ever changing clients. My pedicures are a specialty for me, my clientele tends to be mature and in need of some extra care…..that would be me! I love doing nail services, I learned how to do acrylic nails in the 80’s before they were popular and just stayed with it and perfected my skills. I was taught how to do a facial for state boards 39 years ago and have recently been re-educated in the subject of skin care and mircodermabrasion and I ABSOLUTELY love it. I also possess the unique skills of perming and many techniques of wrapping. I enjoy my horses, motorcycles, good Mexican food and margaritas.


DeAnn Gardner


Adrienne Stevenson

Stylist / Nail Tech

Autumn Smith


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