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PERFECTLY POSH!  A true and purely pampering line. I think you deserve 10 minutes for yourself, maybe more! But we live in a very fast moving society and often wish, “If I only had 20 minutes to myself.” What would you do? Soak in a luxurious bath? Treat yourself to a fabulous face scrub followed by a calming, soothing mask? How about those hands? Maybe read? Listen to your favorite playlist. Right, you’re dreaming? Yep! You need to be POSHED!

What’s Posh? Well let me show you.

pp-fur-friendly-001   Now it’s time to get pampered… me! Call 970-669-9600 for a Posh Facial or to see more go to:, look around, join, call with questions. This is the perfect why to try a lot of the products first, a Posh Facial at Bombshell Salon. YOU DESERVE TO BE PAMPERED!